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Welcome to Colorprinter, the go-to destination for the most discerning professionals seeking book printing services.

How many sleepless nights have you endured? How many cups of coffee have you downed? And how many hours away from your family have you sacrificed to write your book? When you consider book printing as one of your project’s milestones, you’ll feel the satisfaction of achieving your dream… We’re here to give you that final push to make your goal a reality, presenting it just as you’ve always wanted.

We’re specialists in book printing, and to prove it, we have over 100 years of experience in the industry… We understand how important and special it is for any emerging or established author or publisher to release a book. That’s why we aim to provide you with the security, confidence, affordability, and creativity that only the best printers can offer.

Your book is a reflection of you. It represents you and your brand.

We assist authors and publishers in conveying the values of their writing, their illustrations, the values of their personal and professional brand.

The next time you need to bring color to your projects, you won’t just be looking to print books; you’ll be seeking out Colorprinter.


The adventure of book printing

We cater to any print quantity you need, in all sorts of formats and bindings, so our doors are open to authors with little, much, or almost no experience… We can also take any idea you have to the next level or create a proposal from scratch: we have a wide variety of materials and techniques to make it a reality!

Your book is you

Your book is you. It represents you and your brand. This is our principle: we want it to be a reflection of you and the story you tell. That’s why the adventure of book printing must start with understanding superior qualities and finishes in terms of materials… sizes, designs, typography, engravings, images, creative finishes, you choose what you want to convey.

If there’s one thing that sets us apart, it’s that we help editors and authors convey the values of their writings, their illustrations, the values of their personal and professional brand.

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What types of books do we usually print?

Offer a lightweight and accessible book. Paperbacks multiply the diffusion of your ideas. At Colorprinter, we balance grace and durability, ensuring its quality.

Create a sturdy and timeless book with Colorprinter. Hardcovers encapsulate your vision, protecting and preserving its content. We make your work last.

We bring your stories to life with color and form, enchanting young readers. We create unforgettable memories.

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Our materials

If you’re an author or publisher, you’ll love printing books with us. We produce a sample before printing the complete run of books.

Let’s start from the outside in, because the cover enchants any reader at first glance. Depending on your style, budget, and the concept of your story, you can choose whether you want printing in black and white or in color… the same goes for the finish, as you can opt for an extra soft laminate, a selective gloss finish, covers with gold or silver stamping…

Thinking about the binding method is also important. You can opt for sewing with vegetable thread, or for gluing your book. Of course, this choice should depend on the weight of the soft or hard cover and the weight of the inner pages, the book’s core.

The formats

Every detail is important, even the right format is a significant decision. Depending on the theme of the book (fiction, children’s, poetry, photography…), the type of format and size you choose will depend, because it’s not the same to print cookbooks, a novel, a journal, or a training book… And so on!

The most sought-after sizes typically include 6×9 inch books (perfect for novels and self-help genres), 8×8 inch books (a favorite for children’s literature), and larger formats (the go-to choice for photography, art, illustrated works, as well as corporate or historical compilations). These options cater to a diverse range of publishing needs, ensuring that every story finds its ideal canvas.

Request consultation and a customized quote

We’ll guide you on the path to achieving the best result and undoubtedly, what works best for you.

We know it’s a lot of information and that making the right decision can be difficult, but don’t worry, that’s what our team’s advisor is here for, to help and advise you throughout the process. We can also assist you with your book’s design or layout.

Whether you have little or much experience as a writer or publisher, each book is different and a challenge in itself. What you’ll get is a guarantee of total satisfaction, because we won’t leave you hanging.

The amount you can print ranges from 50 books to 50,000 copies to set a figure, there’s no limit on the number of books and we don’t want to limit you either. From your first book to the one that takes you to the peak of your career, we want to be part of your story, even if you dare to write a saga! At Colorprinter, we’re more than a printer, we’re your allies.

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Advantages of printing books with Colorprinter

I greatly appreciate your work because the most difficult part is not the final execution, which is perfectly correct, but rather capturing that image you have inside, which the other can only infer from your words.


Where to start

Are you writing your first book? We understand the nerves and expectations you must have. Entering the publishing world should be done in small steps, like children learning to walk, so we’re here… to accompany you and make you feel more secure in this phase. Printing books in small runs is starting on the right foot.

How do we improve our prices?

Through the advice of an experienced team, we’ll give you ideas related to the format and printing details. This way, we can correctly advise you if you need to print affordable books by finding the best balance to fit your budget.

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Types of binding

Choosing the type of binding is key when printing books, determining their durability and appearance. Here we present the most popular options:

Milled paperback binding

This type of softcover binding is a very common option for printing affordable books.

Hardcover binding

Appreciated by book lovers, this more complex process gives the work a unique and lasting appearance.

PUR-bound softcover books

This type of flexible and durable binding uses a strong adhesive that has revolutionized the industry.

Sewn binding

This ancient and sturdy method joins the pages with thread and can be used when printing both softcover and hardcover books.

Recommended papers for book printing

Books with Coated Paper

This paper is ideal for printing full-color images, such as in photographic, artistic, or business books. Its surface, treated with layers of coating, provides high-quality printing with characteristic gloss.

Print books on 100% Recycled Paper

This high-quality paper is excellent for those committed to the environment. It does not use chlorine or bleachers and provides excellent printing. Your choice of recycled paper will be valued by your readers.

Textbooks on Offset Paper

This economical paper is notable for its whiteness and stiffness, offering high-quality prints. Plus, it’s ideal for autographs or marginal notes, making it a great choice for book printing.

Novels and books on Novel Paper

This bone-colored paper is perfect for black and white prints. Its soft tone facilitates reading and is ideal for projects requiring prolonged reading time, like novels.


Special finishes after printing books

A coating (lamination) is always applied to printed books to enhance their appearance and protect them from scuffs or scratches. But in addition, we add special finishes like varnishes, gold or silver stamping, embossing… This increases the quality of presence and attractiveness for sales.

Print books with Flaps

By extending and folding the book cover, flaps add consistency and extra space for additional information, such as details about the author or related works.


Bands, dust jackets, bookmarks, reading ribbons, closing elastic bands, personalized packaging… all these elements add value and appeal to the final product. Adding these extra details can increase the perceived value of your printed books.

Individual shrink wrapping

This process involves individually wrapping books with a film that shrinks with heat to seal it, protecting the book during transport and sale. Plus, for the reader, it’s something that helps them identify that the book is brand new. (We do not recommend shrink wrapping as it is not eco-friendly and we can always explore more sustainable options)

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Print books online and affordably: Excellence within reach

Discover with Colorprinter how printing books online and finding affordable book printing becomes a reality without compromising quality. Our platform redefines book printing, blending affordability and excellence, to offer publishers and writers the chance to materialize their works without facing the high costs typical of local printers.

The Revolution of Book Printing: Online, Economical, and High Quality

By choosing to print your books online with Colorprinter, you benefit from a model that reduces operational costs, allowing us to pass those savings directly to you. This means that printing books affordably no longer means sacrificing quality. Our advanced technology ensures high-quality printing at a fair price.

Customization and Competitive Pricing: Your book, your way

Every project is unique, and that’s why we tailor our services to offer customized quotes that reflect the specific needs of each client. If you’re looking to print books online and affordably, we’re here for you. We commit to offering you the perfect balance between price and quality.

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