imprenta para empresas Color Printer. Somos una imprenta diferente al resto, ofrecemos un servicio completo exclusivamente a empresas y profesionales. Por eso, al sectorizarnos exclusivamente en ese sector podemos poner nuestro foco de atención en los detalles que de verdad importan cuando buscas un servicio de impresión que ofrezca las calidades más altas y den un retorno de la inversión máximo.

Printing for business

We are a different kind of printing house that helps companies, agencies and organizations to achieve the best solutions through a professional, close and creative service.

Colorprinter is the printing company for the most exquisite companies.

If you are a company, publisher or organization: the next time you want to give color your projects you will not look for a printing press, you will look for Colorprinter.

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All about printing

Printing is the set of techniques that allow the reproduction of any type of information, be it in the form of text or images, on paper, fabric, or any other surface. This mechanism, as simple as it may seem, has a long and interesting history and an enormous importance in our daily lives. This process allows us to carry out a variety of activities ranging from daily communication to the distribution of the greatest works of art and information that have saved millions of lives. Without a doubt, printing has contributed most to the spread of knowledge over the last five centuries.

Brief history of the printing press

Clearly, the printing technique did not emerge from the beginning as we know it today. It had to go through a long process of development and refinement until it reached the modern mechanism that allows the printing press to be used with maximum speed and effectiveness. Dozens of people are known to have contributed to the evolution of printing, and thanks to all of them we can enjoy this comfort today.